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Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant

Product no.: SEN0193

11.90 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1 working days

DMX Shield for Arduino

Product no.: DFR0260

17.00 *

LattePanda - 4GB/64GB with Enterprise License

Product no.: DFR0470-ENT

238.00 *

VFD Tube (Arduino Compatible)

Product no.: DFR0223

31.00 *

iBeacon Module (Bluetooth 4.0)

Product no.: TEL0095

13.00 *

Gravity: Analog pH Sensor / Meter Kit For Arduino

Product no.: SEN0161

34.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1 working days

Cherokey: 4WD Arduino Mobile Robot

Product no.: ROB0102

45.00 *

64x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel (4mm pitch)

Product no.: DFR0460

41.00 *

Screw Shield V2 for Arduino

Product no.: DFR0171

7.00 *

EcoDuino - An Auto Planting Kit

Product no.: KIT0003

44.00 *

Gravity: Starter Sensor Set for LattePanda

Product no.: KIT0112

47.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 1 working days

Particle Photon

Product no.: DFR0373

23.00 *
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