Xbee USB adapter (FTDI ready)

Xbee USB adapter (FTDI ready)

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The upgraded DFRobot Xbee USB adapter is designed for the XBee module configuration parameters to facilitate using or to work as a FTDI writer. The new version of Xbee USB adapter is also welded with the female pin for FTDI so that users can directly use the adapter as a FTDI program writer, such as Arduino FIO/pro/mini, lilypad Arduino and so on. It's a must-have for interactive electronic installations and projects.
The adapter allows the PC to configure XBee/Bluetooth module and the controller/development board for wireless data transmission via mini USB cable. You can upload your program through the wireless controller module, or conduct wireless real-time data transmission. The adapter uses a FTDI232 USB-UART converter chip to ensure stable and reliable data transmission.
  •  Used for the XBee module configuration parameters
  •  Easily connected to a PC via mini USB cable
  •  XBee-setting support software X-CTU
  •  Also used as a USB-TTL adapter
  •  Voltage: +5V(USB Power)
  • Xbee USB Adapter x 1

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