BOSON Inventor Kit

BOSON Inventor Kit

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DFRobot Boson Kit is a set of coding-free electronic building blocks for young inventors, STEM educators and tinkerers.

The Boson kit breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand. The kit requires no coding or soldering and is ideal as a STEM classroom teaching tool.

Boson modules have built-in magnets and can be used with screws, Velcro and even LEGO! Boson modules can be fixed on a wide variety of materials such as paper, wood, fabric, whiteboards or your own LEGO creations!

Modules under different categories are intuitively coded in four colors.

Boson Inventor kit brings you: A total of 37 modules, including 7 input modules, 6, actuators, 18 function and 6 power modules (check out the shipping list for more details).

12 Activity cards that teach kids how to build interactive projects with LEGO blocks, wearable materials and attached cardboards instantly.

Infinite possibilities to be explored.

Adult supervision is recommended for children under 8 years old.



  • Dimension: 22x34 mm & 34x48 mm
  • Package dimension: 130 x 220 x 300 (mm)


Input Modules

  • Rotation Sensor x 1
  • Push Button x 1
  • Self Locking Switch x 1
  • Light Sensor x 1
  • Tilt Switch x 1
  • Sound Sensor x 1
  • Motion Sensor x 1

Output Modules
  • Ultra Bright LED x 1
  • LED String Light x 1
  • Buzzer Module x 1
  • Voice Recorder Module x 1
  • Motor Controller Module with Gared Motor x 1
  • Servo Controller Module with Servo x 1

Function Modules
  • Logic Module-AND x 3
  • Logic Module-OR x 3
  • Logic Module-NOT x 3
  • Splitter Module x 3
  • Threshold Module x 2
  • Reversible Counter Module x 2
  • Duration Module (0-60s) x 2

  • Mainboard-3IO x 2
  • Mainboard-1IO x 3
  • 3xAAA Battery Holder x 1

  • Activity cards x 12
  • Project cardboard x 5
  • MicroUSB Cable x 1
  • Cable (5CM) x 20
  • Cable (10CM) x 20
  • Cable (15CM) x 20
  • Velcro pack x 2
  • Screw pack x 2
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