Gravity:TT Motor Encoders Kit

Gravity:TT Motor Encoders Kit

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This encoders kit are designed for TT motors. It provides the rotation degree of the wheels. Encoder uses non-contact method to convert the angular displacement signals. Best fit with Micro DC Geared Motor. It includes encoders, plastic tube, paper-mediated gasket etc. 
It uses Gravity interace which is a plug&play design to get connected with Arduino IO Expansion Shield or Raspberry IO Expansion Shield. 
  • Voltage: +5V
  • Current: <20mA
  • Resolution: 20 PPR
  • Weight: 20g
  • M3*5 screws x 2
  • M3*50 screws x 4
  • Rubber ring x 4
  • Washer x 4
  • Plastic cover x 4
  • Grating disk x 2
  • Digital cable x 2

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