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PINE64 POT Remote Wifi IO control Module

This is an individual IO control module. For Wifi/BT module, please refer to
Based on ESP8266 Wifi Chipset
Connect to Wifi AP
Onboard chip antenna or U-FL connector for external antenna
Onboard relay contact (TE PCJ-105D3M with 3A 275Vac Contact) with screw type terminal contact to support AC Line On/Off
Onboard 1pc Tact-switch
XH 5 2.54mm pitch connector connecting I2C device
XH 6 2.54mm pitch connector for GPIO/SPI/PWM output
XH 2 2.54mm pitch connector for system power 5V input or output
DC Jack socket (suitable for 4.0mm X 1.7mm DC Jack) for system power input
UART Port connector ready for on-chip programming using USB/UART Programming/Console Adapter (PMPROG01)
2pcs of XH 5pin 2.54 mm pitch connector to allow daisy chain of multiple I2C sensors

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