Bluetooth 4.0 RGB LED-Streifen-Kit (Unterstützung für iPhone und Android)

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Think about a new type of LED and a new way of interactive controlling for different scenes! With just a mobile device that has Bluetooth4.0 (BLE), you can easily controll every single LED in the lace, program the LEDs individually and react to beautiful rythms anytime. Whatsmore, the kit can be divided conveniently into separate parts, so you can make more use in your Arduino project wherever you want to.
  • Home Decorations
  • Learning Arduino
  • Phone-Arduino Interactions
  • Festives
  • Audio Inteactions
  • Working Voltage: 5V
  • Max Current: 1A(per meter LED Strip) @5V
  • Sound sensor and Audio Analyzer for Spectrum analyzer
  • WS2812 for your can change the color of every LED
  • Length: 3m(11.81")
  • 60 LEDs/m
Note: LEDs can work at 3.3V-6V but the luminance will be different,the power supply of Bluno should be 5V if you connect as the diagram we provided. 
  • Bluno (DFR0267) x 1
  • Analog Sound Sensor (DFR0034) x 1
  • Audio Analyzer (DFR0126) x 1
  • LED Strip (WS2812) 3 meters x 1
  • IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7 (DFR0265) x 1
  • DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Female (FIT0151) x 1
  • DC Power (5V@3.6A)
  • Cables
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