7 Zoll Touch Display (eDP) für LattePanda Alpha & Delta

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Excellent Visual Effect
This display adopts IPS screen technology, support 178-degree visual Angle, 1024 x 600 high resolution and high color saturation, achieve excellent picture.


Designed For HMI and Portable Projects


We have made many product design optimizations for HMI and portable project requirements. For example, HMI scenarios are often complex and dusty, but this display uses a fully fit design to perfectly prevent dust from entering the screen, and also effectively reduces the reflection of light. In order to make the screen easy to be installed, the screen edge comes with the special double-sided adhesive tape, which can be easily and firmly fixed.
Best Compatibility
Unlike other normal HDMI screens, this display uses eDP interface, and has the best compatibility with LattePanda alpha & delta (not compatible with LattePanda V1.0). It allows you to set screen power, brightness, contrast and other parameters directly in the OS or APIs.

lattepanda alpha accessories - Titan Case, Streaming Cable, and 7 inch EDP display



  • 1024 x 600 high resolution
  • Capacitive screen


  • 1024 x 600 high resolution
  • Transmittance?85%
  • Surface Hardness? 6H
  • Response Time: ?16ms
  • Tapping Durability: 200,000,000 times
  • Supports LattePanda Alpha & Delta
  • Connector: 10cm FPC Extension Cable
  • Dimensions: 180*110*5 mm / 7.1*4.3*0.2 inches



  • 7”eDP Touch Display x1
  • 30pin eDP cable x1

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