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This silicone case is specifically designed for LattePanda development board. Not only using non-toxic and non-smell silicone material (food grade), but also provide a full range of protection structure to avoid damage caused by accidental drop.

It is worth mentioning that the silicone case has some other functions. All interface for external connection has been reserved, and each interface has a clear mark for the function. The hollow-carved design makes it easy to mount the heatsink cooling fan. In addition, this silicone case has static electricity isolation feature and good cold and heat resistance, it can tolerate -40~250? working temperature. 

Every design details and ingenuity all make it more convenient and durable.
Note: The Lattepanda development board is not included in the kit.
  • Compatible with LattePanda
  • Non-toxic and non-smell silicone material (food grade)
  • Cold & heat fatigue resisting
  • Static electricity isolation
  • Material: Silicone
  • Heat resistance: -40~250?
  • Top enclosure dimensions: 101.2 * 83.2 * 28.2 mm/ 3.98 * 3.28 * 1.11 inches
  • Lower base dimensions: 97 * 79 * 17.1 mm/ 3.82 * 3.11 * 0.67 inches
  • Assembly dimensions: 101.2 * 83.2 * 37.0 mm/ 3.98 * 3.28 * 1.46 inches
  • Net weight (without LattePanda): 60g
  • Silicone Case (Top enclosure) x 1
  • Silicone Case (Lower base) x 1

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