Gravity IO Expansion Shield für LattePanda

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This Gravity I/O expansion shield, which is made for LattePanda, breakouts all GPIO pins to make it compatible with standard Arduino device and no interruption with other ports on LattePanda. Each pin has VCC and GND power port, compatible with Gravity-3Pin Color coded interface, supports hundreds of sensors and modules.

And this shield also adds a new power solution for LattePanda. You can use a 7~12V wide range power supply to power the board and devices via DC 2.1 or DC terminal port, maximum 5A under 5V IO output All make the shield perfect for using LattePanda to learning and developing.

1. The two power terminals are connected to each other. Do not connect external power at the same time
2. When using 7 ~ 12V external power supply, do not repeat power LattePanda via USB


  • LattePanda Compatible
  • Arduino Leonardo Compatible
  • Gravity sensor Compatible
  • Input Voltage: 7~12V
  • Input interface: DC 2.1; 2-pin wire.
  • Digital Gravity interface x14
  • Analog Gravity interface x6
  • IIC port x2
  • ICSP port x1
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • I/O Operating Voltage: 5V
  • 5V Port Maximum Output Current: 5A
  • 3.3V Port Maximum Output Current: 1A
  • 8x8 general 2.54mm prototype pad
  • Dimension: 70mm x 68mm / 2.76in x 2.68in


3D file


Gravity IO Expansion Shield for LattePanda x1

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