PoE-Injektor - Single Port 30W

PoE-Injektor - Single Port 30W

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This high power PoE injector supports Midspan MODE-B PoE power protocol, and has 30W output.It supports up to 10/100Mbps communicating speed, and 100VAC~240VAC wide range input voltage makes it work stably with different voltage standards.

With PoE output, you will no longer need any external power. This PoE injector meets your every project requirement such as router, wireles AP and other devices that use standard PoE protocol. 
  • Model: PSE801
  • Output power: 30W
  • Input power: 100~240VAC 50~60Hz 
  • Dimension: 142mm*60mm*40mm (5.59"*2.36"*1.57")
  • Cable range: <=100m (3937")
  • Weight: 170g
  • PoE Injector - single port 30W x 1
  • Power calbe x 1
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