Dust Sensor Adapter

Dust Sensor Adapter

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Sharp GP2Y1010AU Dust Sensor requires some wiring on the breadboard and a list of components to make it Arduino compatible. This has turned down several people due to the thin wires of the sharp sensor making it yet another addition to the drawer. We've listened your requests and created this adapter so you can get started right away on your project. 

If you are planning to assemble several sensors for your air station and need to have it working soon, this adapter will save time on circuit building and debugging. Not only this but it is also fully compatible with our sensor connectors, so you can directly connect it to our expansion boards all together with our large range of sensors.
  • Air monitoring.
  • Air filtering.
  • Air quality station.
  • Volatge:  5V
  • Size: 27x27mm?1.064*1.064")
  • Integrated LED for power indicator
On-board silkscreen:
  • A is for analog pin
  • D is for digital pin
  • Dust Sensor Adapter x 1
  • Adapter cable x 1
  • Digital cable x 1
  • Analog  cable x 1
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