micro:bit Add-ons & Accessories

The British Invasion is here! No, not music...microcontrollers! Designed specifically for kids and beginners, the BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customize and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. It’s a small, code-able device that is a non-intimidating introduction to programming and making – switch on, program it to do something fun – wear it, customize it, develop new ideas. It's one of the easiest ways to learn programming and electronics!

Over the last few years there have been tons of accessories, add-ons, and other devices that use the micro:bit-style edge connector too! Not all things work together, so make sure you review the product pages for what works with what and what software support there is!

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micro: bit Club 10er Pack

Artikel-Nr.: 3485

234,29 *

Pimoroni enviro: Bit für Mikro: Bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3830

32,48 *

Pimoroni scroll: bit für micro: bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3832

19,46 *

Pimoroni Pin: Bit für Micro: Bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3833

7,75 *

SMT-Winkelanschluss für Mikrobit

Artikel-Nr.: 3887

3,46 *

SMT Straight Connector für Micro: Bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3888

3,46 *

Pimoroni-Automatisierung: Bit für Mikro: Bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3936

16,86 *

Smoke Snap-on Case für micro: bit

Artikel-Nr.: 4487

3,46 *

Pimoroni-Rauschen: Bit für Mikro: Bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3829

17,58 *

Adafruit CRICKIT für micro: bit

Artikel-Nr.: 3928

35,10 *

3,5-mm-Mono-Audio-Stecker an Krokodilklemmen

Artikel-Nr.: 4181

2,29 *

micro: bit 300-Pack

Artikel-Nr.: 4291

5.557,00 *
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