Young Engineers

There's no better way to get your kid started with electronics than the Adafruit Young Engineers category. These kits, packs, and toys all offer introductions into the world of electronics for aspiring engineers.

Check out our complete line of Circuit Playground Plushies based on our popular YouTube series that's designed to get your kid telling you what a capacitor does instead of asking. Or check out our line of GoldieBlox - one of the best ways to encourage girls to explore STEM fields.

A number of Adafruit's beginner kits are also perfect for engineers of all ages. We carry kits like the Drawdio - which turns your pencil into a theremin through conductive tape - and the ever-popular ARDx that, with your help, can get anyone programming Arduinos at a very young age. Whether you're young, or young at heart, the Adafruit Young Engineers category is perfect for your all your electronics needs!

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Malbuch - Ladyadas E ist für Elektronik

Artikel-Nr.: 1000

11,67 *

4-H Circuit Playground Express - Basissatz

Artikel-Nr.: 4263

35,10 *

Circuit Playground Express Advanced Pack

Artikel-Nr.: 2769

117,13 *

Circuit Playground Classic

Artikel-Nr.: 3000

23,38 *

Kleine Krokodilklemmen-Testleitung (6er-Set)

Artikel-Nr.: 4100

3,46 *

Circuit Playground Express für 4-H

Artikel-Nr.: 4180

29,24 *

Fluoreszierendes Pigment - Pink

Artikel-Nr.: 4123

11,67 *

4-H Bauen Sie Ihr eigenes Kleeset an

Artikel-Nr.: 4223

7,75 *

Squishy Circuits Standard Kit

Artikel-Nr.: 4550

45,50 *

AdaBot LunchBox

Artikel-Nr.: 3437

11,67 *

Makedo Scru Add-On Pack

Artikel-Nr.: 3510

12,95 *

Bristlebot - 4er Pack - von Brown Dog Gadgets

Artikel-Nr.: 3667

23,37 *

Toolshed Malbuch - von Lee John Phillips

Artikel-Nr.: 3755

19,46 *
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1 - 36 von 99 Ergebnissen