WHAT IS STEMMA? STEMMA is a plug-and-play board and sensor system that lets you quickly plug together various devices and accessories, without any soldering! STEMMA uses 3-pin cables for simple analog and digital devices, like relays and buttons. For more complex sensors and displays, we use a 4-wire I2C connection. For larger boards and devices we use a Grove-compatible connector, for smaller ones we use a Qwiic-compatible connector called STEMMA QT.

As all STEMMA sensors have level shifting and voltage regulation, you can use them safely with any 3 to 5V power and logic device - from microcontrollers like Arduino-compatibles, to full Linux single board computers like the Raspberry Pi. We even have USB to I2C adapters that let you connect STEMMA devices directly to a computer without any microcontroller programming required! Then, use our Arduino or CircuitPython/Python libraries and examples to easily get your electronics project working on any platform with STEMMA and STEMMA QT.

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Adafruit Feather STM32F405 Express

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